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We build quality LED strip kits with innovative features.

We are committed to producing high-quality LED strip lights that provide innovative solutions for our customers. We use only top-tier LED chips and components that are rigorously tested to ensure maximum brightness, consistency, and durability. Our strips come with unique features like color changing RGBW LEDs, custom color selection, dimmable options, and ultra-wide input voltage range. From DIYers to professional installers, our LED strip kits offer exceptional value and performance.

What we do

LED Technologies

Circuit Design

Provide stable power regulation, thermal management, dimming controls, color mixing, etc.

Program Design

Offering features like the dimmer, and programming options to give users full lighting control.

Quality Control

Continue to advance LED technologies and engineering to optimize performance, quality, and value.

Customer Service

Providing responsive, helpful service to support clients - email support, convenient return policies, etc.

Customization Services

We help made-to-order projects - color matching, high wattage or IP-rated strips for outdoor use, etc.

Product Documentation

Document products like spec sheets, wiring diagrams, usage instructions, warning/safety precautions, etc.


How we design LED strips to decorate your space

We aim to provide affordable, user-friendly LED strip solutions that help illuminate spaces in stylish, distinctive ways.

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